Parenting is Hard,
You're Not Alone.

Simplifying the science of successful parenting and helping you find more joy, confidence, & regulation at home. 

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My parenting approach offers families a new way of understanding both theirs and their child’s behavior.

There is a good reason why you and your kids are struggling right now- and neuroscience has given us an incredible roadmap to begin understanding how to transform your household to find more peace and regulation.

My approach will help you begin to understand the “why” behind your family’s suffering, frustration and stuck-ness. Using the science of the nervous system and child development, I will teach you how to take tangible steps to support your family in coming back to peace, regulation and well-being.
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| am here to help you...

...raise healthy, resilient children that become thriving adults who feel connected to you.  

I want to help YOU set your kid up for their best possible mental health outcomes.

My dream is that in 20 years you will be sitting at your dinner table with your adult kids (who love you and feel connected to you), laughing and enjoying each other. I want you to look at them, smiling, sighing with relief, as you take in how resilient, kind, strong, and well-functioning they have become.

I want you to realize that this was because of YOUR hard work. Because YOU were SO intentional in their early years. This thriving family is largely a result of YOU pouring into their emotional bank account day in and day out. That you DUG into the research and science of what it takes to create healthy outcomes in children.

You DID it!

You created a connected, thriving family. You can rest easy.

That’s my mission.
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