60 minute | Coaching Session

1:1 Coaching Session

Let's Connect One-on-One!

If you are familiar with Wired for Wellbeing, you know we do not believe in one-size-fits-all approaches to parenting. Our children are remarkably unique, developing in different contexts, at different rates, with variety of lived experiences that shape who they become. And parents are the same way too! With that being said, we have worked to provide content, courses, and support based on a framework that can be leveraged in diverse contexts with a range of developing personalities. 

But sometimes, it is nice to sit down and talk through your unique parenting journey with intention.
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Coaching Sessions Include:
  • 60 Minutes of personalized coaching

How will we spend our time together - 

  • Clarifying the unique behavioral difficulties you are experiencing at home with your child
  • Mapping your child's specific nervous system states
  • Developing strategies that address dysregulation in your home 
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How do Coaching Sessions Work?

Intake Information

 Step 1
Complete an intake form so I can know  more about you, your family, your specific situation, and any  immediate causes of dysregulation.

This pre-session discovery will really help us make the most of our time together. 

We Connect! 

Step 2
Finally, after  I have received your intake information, we'll schedule our time together! Bring some coffee, a notebook, and the assurance that you are in a safe place to chat about nurturing a happy, healthy, and regulated family!

Jessica Johnson | Parent Coach

Jess Johnson is one of the parenting coaches with Wired for Wellbeing. She has been a remarkable addition to the Three Weeks to Calm and Connection Cohort where she coaches parents in a 3 week intensive alongside Kelly LaPorta. We can't recommend her highly enough! She is safe, understanding, incredibly thoughtful and intentional, and profoundly impacts those in her sphere of influence.

In addition to coaching, Jess is busy homeschooling her 3 kids, and leading a classical education homeschool group where (once a week) she teaches 6th graders science, history, Latin, fine arts, geography, public speaking and math.

Jess resides in Seattle, WA.
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