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You might be a new parent, you might be new to nervous system regulation, or you might just be curious about what we teach at Wired for Wellbeing... well, look no further... our full length courses are the perfect place to continue your journey toward a calm, connected, & resilient home. 

These Courses are Yours for Life! 

"This is for all sorts of parenting types. This is for parents who feel disconnected from their children or even from themselves inside of parenting, it’s for parents who are caught somewhere between I don’t want to respond to my children’s actions in this way or their attitudes with an attitude but I don’t know what else to do, for the parent who feels their child is apathetic or unresponsive to the threats, the consequence or casual conversation. The WHOLE POINT of the course is to create healthy connection between parent and child. I’m telling you, I wish I had taken the course when our babies were actual babies."

Karen M. 

Mother of Two

Meet a few of our gifted coaches...

Kelly LaPorta

LMFT | Nervous System Coach

Jessica Johnson

Parenting Coach

Diane Madrid

Parenting Coach

Carrie Thayer

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