How to Stop
Losing Your Sh!t...

(So Your Kid Can Stop Losing Theirs)

Before we dive in, I want you to know that you are not alone. There are so many obstacles that can make it feel nearly impossible to stay calm and composed all the time as parents. Kids have BIG needs and BIG emotions, and as parents, we ALSO have our own significant needs and emotions to manage. Juggling all of these needs and emotions can feel like a full-time job! And let's not forget about the other areas of life constantly competing for our attention: job responsibilities, our relationships, household tasks, and the myriad of thoughts constantly running through our minds. It's no wonder parents feel overwhelmed all the time. It's a lot to handle.

All of us parents lose our sh*t from time to time; we say things we regret, we raise our voices, and we implement consequences that might not be entirely appropriate for the situation. With that being said - let's approach this course with a generous dose of grace and self-compassion.
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Our aim in this course is not to become PERFECT parents (thank goodness, because that would be an impossible standard). Instead, our goal is to equip you with tools that will help you gain more control over challenging moments and enable you to be a parent you're genuinely proud to be.

If you're here, it's because you deeply care for your family and want to show up as the best version of yourself for them.
You're seeking ways to bring more stability into your home and handle stressful situations more easily. Maybe you're here because it's been a bit challenging lately, and you need more tools. You've come to the right place!

What's included?

60 minutes uniquely blending  research and practical approaches for those moments when you feel you might lose it. 

5 Video Lessons!

Covering topics ranging from Understanding Our Stress Responses, Finding Regulation Within, Navigating Triggering Moments, and much more! 

Practical Support & Tools

How to Stop Losing Your Sh!t  is the perfect combination of the science and practical tools you need to navigate those moments where you feel like you just might lose it. 

Lifetime Access

How to Stop Losing Your Sh!t is yours for life! No subscriptions. No commitments. No strings attached! You don't have to rush to finish this... it's yours forever!


How to Stop Losing Your Sh!t is yours when you need it the most! Learn on-the-go from your cellphone or tablet, and do it on your own time!

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