Help! I'm Seeing My
Family Over the Holidays!

So you’ve made the decision to see your family this holiday season?

Perhaps you’re excited to see loved ones that you haven’t squeezed in a really long time. Or maybe you’re nervous to see family that make different life choices than you? You could be feeling hopeful about all the hard inner work you’ve been doing so you feel more confident going into a messy situation. Or maybe you’re just feeling dread? Just lots of dread. You know it’s going to be challenging and you’re not looking forward to it. Meh.

Whichever way you’re feeling about your visit (or visitors), making the choice to see family can add so much stress onto an already full plate during the holidays.

Help! I'm Seeing My Family Over the Holidays explores strategies to help bring peace and calm to the festivities this holiday season.
  • Map-out the emotional landscape of the season.
  • Learn strategies for surviving dinner with your mother. 
  • Plan for regulation in the midst of those strange family dynamics.
  • Navigate those times when you accidentally "lose-your-cool" on your parents.

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