A Gentle Approach
to the Sex Talks

Parents have incredible influence over how their kids think about and approach sex...

...whether it be conscious and considerate and delayed until they’re older, or uninformed, impulsive, or irresponsible.

Sex is an overwhelming and intimidating subject for many parents to address with their kids, but the good news is actually, it was never meant to be a one-time talk with your kid, and it doesn’t have to be a dark and forbidden topic. Research shows that sending kids the wrong messages about sex as well as avoiding the issue altogether comes with great cost to our kids’ physical and emotional health. In this course, licensed marriage and family therapist Karen Gwaltney supports parents in the daunting task of talking to your kids about sex without compromising your values. She expounds on the research behind the best approach and provides specific scripts parents can use to engage their kids’ questions about sex.
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The course will walk you through you why it matters that you talk to your kids about sex and sexuality, how to approach various topics, and how to avoid (or come back from) the most common pitfalls around these conversations.
"The gentle approach to the sex talks course was filled with great new concepts and reminders for me as a mom of five children. My children range from ages 9-17. We had already introduced sex and the basics to all of my children, but this course was valuable for all of my kids’ ages because it helped me navigate topics of discussion that I sometimes avoid. It gave me great tools and verbiage to use when those really tough questions come up. It also gave me permission to not have all the answers and how to take time to regroup and come back with a good response. I believe that addressing sex with your kids in healthy ways is so important and opens the doors for communication of all topics. This course will really give you more confidence to talk about topics that might be hard to approach as a parent."
 -April M.

What's included?

1.5 hours uniquely blending  research and practical conversations for those high stakes topics. 

7 Video Lessons!

Covering topics ranging from Why Do We Avoid Talking About Sex, Consent & Bodily Autonomy, Fielding Your Child's Questions, and much more! 

Practical Support & Tools

A Gentle Approach to the Sex Talks  is the perfect combination of the research and practical tools you need to cultivate healthy approaches to sex with your children & teens. 

Simplified Research!

I've done the research for you. I have distilled the information presented by some of the top thinkers in the field. This course blends the remarkable perspectives of great thinkers like Esther Perel, Brene Brown, Lydia Bowers, and Pia Mellody.

Lifetime Access

A Gentle Approach to the Sex Talks is yours for life! No subscriptions. No commitments. No strings attached! You don't have to rush to finish this... it's yours forever!

Interactive Content

A Gentle Approach to the Sex Talks is built with engagement in mind! All seven workshops are built on a media-rich and interactive platform!


A Gentle Approach to the Sex Talks is yours when you need it the most! Learn on-the-go from your cellphone or tablet on your time!

Who are the instructors?

Karen Gwaltney, LMFT 

Karen Gwaltney is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, adjunct instructor of psychology, and relationship coach. She works with individuals, couples, and families in her private practice. Karen is dedicated to helping people live with purpose by consciously choosing the values that govern their lives. When she’s not doing therapy, she enjoys teaching Human Growth and Development, Counseling Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology undergraduate classes at a local liberal arts university.

Karen resides in Pasadena, CA.

What Does Each Lesson Cover?

  Lesson 1: Why Do We Avoid Talking About Sex? 

In this section, you’ll get more perspective on why you may have avoided talking with your child about sex. Gain understanding about the aspects that make it difficult. Review research that supports a comprehensive sexuality education approach.

  Lesson 2: A "Talk-able" Topic

Come to appreciate the vulnerability your child will experience with not being adequately informed about sex. Learn a supportive framework for how to think about sex and how to talk to your child about it.

  Lesson 3: Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive sexuality education puts sex in a human context which helps you feel less anxious and overwhelmed by the subject. Learn basic concepts to discuss and practice bodily autonomy and consent with your child.

  Lesson 4: Leaving Room for Questions

Research is showing that acknowledging uncertainty while fostering a growth mindset makes you more a trustworthy guide. Cultivate the skill of curiosity and learn to encourage it in your child so that they feel safe seeking information from you about sensitive subjects.

  Lesson 5: Anatomically Correct Labels

Gain foundations for naming body parts accurately. Learn how to gently name anatomy correctly and what to say when you haven’t been using the proper labels.

  Lesson 6: Fielding Your Child's Questions

Here you’ll find specific scripts for specific questions your child is likely to ask about bodies and sexuality. Get clarity on how to teach your kid to be responsible with sensitive information. 

  Lesson 7: Addressing Pornography 

How to appropriately and honestly address the subject of porn. Learn how to frame the conversation in a way that supports your child’s curiosity while maintaining healthy boundaries between them and adult content.
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