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Am I Safe?!  

How Our Kids Behavior is Shaped by their Perception of Safety...

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in parenting?

Are you frustrated with the tips and tricks that don’t seem to bring any true transformation to your home?

Many overwhelmed parents wonder if they are ‘bad parents’ or wonder if something is wrong with their children.

I’m here to tell you a different story.

If you're ready for a new parenting paradigm (one based in neuroscience) that will help you bring more peace to your home, connection to your kids, and empowerment to YOU as a parent, check out this 20-minute mini-course on how our kids behavior is shaped by their perception of safety... “Am I Safe?!”

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"I have never heard anything like this before, love the content!"
- Rachel K.

"I've already passed your course on to a friend! I really loved being able to sit back and listen to your course (so much of my research involves reading books or blogs). Your explanations are very clear, but I never felt as if you were dumbing down the information or being preachy. I really appreciated the explanations of behavior, and then the tips for handling them in real  life."
-Marianna C.

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